That Moroccan Home

I am sure Architectural Digest’s A Stellar Renovation in Morocco has already made its rounds in the blogosphere, but I just can’t help it. I am in LOOOOOOVVVVEEE with this house. I mean this is probably the most gorgeous home I have EVER seen.

Everything from the ornamental tiles to the intricate woodwork and stone embellishments to the polished clay-like walls, are just so beautifully done. What really sold me are those exquisitely carved ceilings that vary from room to room. Just imagine never having to look up at white blankness, ever.

Apparently this Moroccan beauty was once a dump. I find this extremely hard to believe, but I guess we have to believe the facts.

It was a decrepit courtyard house that was impulsively purchased by a vacationing New Yorker, art dealer Dorothea McKenna Elkon. Luckily the place still had its old stone arches to win this gal over. 

But because of her exalted ambition, she had to find the designer who was the right match for her, Salem Grassi. And turns out he was Mr. Right, for they fell in love. Because in the end their love of Islamic tile work and Spanish Baroque antiques brought them together, which is really kind of sweet.

2 morocco - dustjacket attic13 interiors dustjacket attic
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Image Sources:
A Stellar Renovation in Morocco by Architectural Digest
Moroccan Courtyard House by Dustjacket

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