Painterly Walls

Oh gosh I am jealous. Why can’t I get my buckets of paint out and start working away on a masterpiece on my boring white walls? Cause I live in a rented apartment in New York, where my stay is only temporary. And my art would just be washed away with white paint all over again by my nagging super.

Oh, the sad tales of a New York City dweller. But anyways if you do have the ideal situation of living in a place that you can finally call home (and if you are ballsy enough), I’d find that one stray wall in my apartment (probably in the entry way) and make it into a wow-factor.

And it doesn’t even need to be a crazy jungle mural with 5 different species of birds (who could do that?). You could buy just a little bit of wallpaper that has a nice painterly design if you want to play safe, or bang out an ombré wall. Either way it will make a huge difference for your home and make you feel like a bonafide decorista!


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