Animals in Moiré by Andrea Minini

Check out these gorgeous vector illustrations by Andrea MininiAnimals in Moiré is a striking collection of black and white lined drawings of animals that are so flawlessly made that it’s simplicity make its even more impressive.

I am just in love when I see symmetry done like its. It is an unlikely challenge working with just lines. The artist has to cleverly distort them to fit the curves of her subject’s face. And then, she has to make sure that the finished lines actually resemble a puma or a gorilla. It looks deceivingly easy, that’s for sure.

Other than lines being the only thing the artist can work with, she also can play around with how the lines end up meeting together in one point. This has to be strategically done, because that is the only way the artist can achieve any depth.

I can’t wait for Andrea Minini to release some prints of her unique animal illustrations. I would buy a print of that puma in a heartbeat!



Image Sources:
Animals in Moiré by Andrea Minini on Behance

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