That Colored Couch | 5 Colors That Work

I am really starting to admire the people who have the balls to buy a brightly colored couch. It really is a challenge for home designers.

You can’t just throw any pillow you like on it, or hang any picture you want over it, or lay any cool carpet under it. All the elements in the room have to come together to make it work, but only one can be the center of attention.

It is tricky, but for each color there are some rules and tips one can follow and no-no’s to avoid, to make your room go from looking like a college dorm to looking like a upbeat and sophisticated home.


1. Golden Yellow

I am happy that yellow couches have now gotten super trendy. I feel like a few years a go people would have thought having a yellow couch made you a little cuckoo!

But what is really great about this couch is that, no matter what, it always can make your living room full of lightness and joy. And all you had to do was break your back moving it in! But, it was totally worth it.

With yellow couches, it is always a good idea to have a coffee table that is very simple and not bulky. It’s a perfect companion as it doesn’t overpower your couch and allows your yellow to be itself and shine!


2. Pale Pink

It’s great that pink is coming out of it’s 80’s stereotype (remember Sigourney Weaver’s apartment in Ghostbusters?). But now a sophisticated and successful woman can play pink into her home, without having it look too soft and sweet.

Having your pink be a little bit paler is more agreeable, as it is still subtle enough so it does make you cringe, but it’s still rosy enough to add some joy to your room!

With pink it’s smart to pair this couch with black and white patterns. This is a good way to play down the pink a bit. Find some really cool contrasted B&W pillows to throw on to give your couch a little edge.


3. Powder Blue

Yay! We can finally go antiquing! With this blue, you can finally feel safe pairing color with those vintage wooden pieces you adore.

Dark finished wood furniture is usually not a good idea to pair with a vibrant color. But the sweetness of powder blue can really balance out the polished look of these more old-fashioned pieces.

Different from the other colors listed, with this blue you shouldn’t be afraid to bring in more colored pieces. A yellow lamp, a pink stool and a colorful pillow are a couple of examples of the opportunities you have to get creative!


4. Jungle Green

Because green is already earthy-like and fresh, here you can get a little grungy. You can add some industrial furniture as well as play with some darks that you couldn’t do with the other colors listed.

Usually when playing with bright colors you should keep your wall a nice safe white, but with jungle green, a midnight blue wall and some navy pillows can really complement the color.

You can also get the chance to play around with some cool bohemian and eclectic patterns. They can really make that bold green more cozy and homey.


5. Royal Purple

This is where you can let loose a bit. With this purple you can have a lot of fun get a little quirky. So let your personality shine!

Purple is such a rich and fancy color so playing it down a bit with some funky patterns and simple modular furniture is a good idea!

Try not to pair too much black with royal purple as it tends to dull down the vibrance of the color. Keep to those whites and your couch will stay radiant!

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