10 Reasons Why Your Home Should Have a Dog

As you will probably notice as you read this article, I am a little dog crazy at the moment. I want a dog bad, like reaallllly bad.

I want a dog so bad that I only go and visit my friends cause they have a dog. When I call my friends I ask how their dog is doing before asking about them (I should apologize to my friends). I watch at least five or ten dog videos everyday. I just have way to much love to give! (I know that was a bit mushy, but I don’t care).

I am just craving the love and warmth a dog brings into your life. Once the dog you grew up with passes away, you just can’t think of a home without the sound of pattering paws on the floor.

So here are the 10 reasons why I think everyone should have a dog in their home.

1. They are always down for cuddles.

There is a reason why they jump on your bed and sit there, waiting for you. They know exactly what is coming and they know exactly how to coax you into coming into bed for cuddles. I mean, how can you deny those cute ‘widdle’ faces?

For them, you are like a big heating pad. And put them on your tummy when you have bad cramps and they become yours!

See all the reasons why cuddling dogs are great in this article 19 Reasons Dogs Are The Best Cuddlers.

2. They can act as your guests when you don’t have company coming over.

There are always those times when you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday night, and all your friends are busy. You end up having to suffer the shame of staying in. Yes, it’s so very sad.

But, while you are wallowing in self-pity, your dog is always there for you. Cause let’s be honest, when does a dog ever not want to spend time with you?

You can always have your own private dress up party with your dog. Or turn your dog into the USS Enterprise. Check out these 40 Hilariously Nerdy Dog Costumes

3. They make sure you can’t sit on your couch all day, so you have a reason to go outside.

Some might look at this as annoying, but I see it as a great opportunity to kick myself in the ass and go outside and do something!

I mean look at them, they are all in on the plan. They know exactly how to sprawl their bodies on the couch and fall asleep, so that you have no way of squeezing in. That is true love right there.

Dogs are also a good way to be active in general so maybe take them outside with you using these 10 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog.


4. They love all your homemade dog treats.

One great thing about having a dog is that you learn to treat it as your own child.

And you don’t want to feed your child crap.

You can search all your favorite food blogs for dog treat recipes and make a bunch of batches of pumpkin and peanut butter dogs snacks. And despite them coming out terribly wrong, cause you don’t have much of a baker’s touch, your dog will still lovingly eat them.

Here are some cool dog treat recipes!
Homemade Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Treats.
Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits
Peanut Butter Doggy Pretzels
Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats

5. They love all the D.I.Y. dog beds you make for them.

How awesome would it be to have an excuse to finally do all those cute D.I.Y. dog beds you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest? Not to mention they will serve as some pretty unique decor elements in your home. Get that beat-up ol’ suitcase out!

But they will actually love your dog beds, cause they appreciate all the love and effort (and needle wounds) you went into sewing these babies. I love the idea of hanging up little images on the suitcase lid, like they are little teenage kids in their rooms. Awwww.

Check out these D.I.Y. dog beds!
Console TV to Dog Bed by Fried Okra
D.I.Y. Portable Pet Bed by Fourth Floor Walk Up
D.I.Y. End Table Dog Beds by Rusted Treasure

More D.I.Y. fun! → 6 Handmade Ways to Say I Love You (To Your Pet) by Wired

6. They’ll help warm up the bed for you.

I don’t get the whole problem people have of letting their dog on the bed. I guess you should have a hygienic dog, and there also is dog hair, but that can just be wiped off, right?

As they are your own living heating pad, you can use that to you advantage and make them heat up the bed for you!

Unless they fart, then I am very sorry.

Obviously it is up to you whether having your dog on the bed is best for everyone involved. Some dogs are perfect little sleepers, others are not! Read this article The Truth About Sleeping With Your Dog, to figure out what suits you and your dog best.

7. They make you laugh with all the silly things they do.

When you end up adopting a dog, it is a guarantee that they will find some weird and cute thing to do to make you laugh. It is just in their nature to do silly things to find a way into your heart. And it works!

When you are having a rough day, they notice it and always know just the thing to perk you up! Like laying on their backs with their paws up. I mean that works every damn time!

As I mentioned before, I can not get enough of funny doggy videos since I don’t have a dog of my own (or a life I guess). Here are some of my personal favorites that I watch religiously.
Puppy Tries a Daring Escape
Dog’s Dream Comes True!
Puppies vs. Stairs

8. They look great on your furniture.

I guess there is a term out there called ‘doggie decor’. Obviously don’t get a dog for materialistic reasons, that’s a path nobody should take.

But it is a plus that while they aren’t begging you to throw them the ball, they can make any couch or chair you bring into your home something cozy and familiar.

Sometimes chastening a sofa or chair isn’t the best thing for your dog. You obviously gotta be smart about whether or not your pooch should come in contact with that pricey leather chair! Like with your bed, here is a good article about whether you should let your dog on the furniture.


9. They just can’t wait for you to come home.

There is nothing better than coming home from a not so good day to then be greeted by the one living thing on this planet that loves you more than anything.

So sometimes, the avalanche of kisses and slobbers until you are pinned to the floor, is what you get for being so blessed.

But you know that you have been missed all day by someone who loves you, and that is a great feeling.

So hey, you don’t need a boyfriend to have that someone! Here are the Top Ten Reason Dogs Are Better Than Boyfriends. And you know what, they’ve got a point.


10. They have a place they can call home.

Above all, the best part about having a dog in your home is giving these animals a chance at a wonderful life full of love. And since they are giving you love back, it really isn’t such a bad deal.

Don’t shop people, always, always adopt. It is such a wonderful thing to save a dog’s life when they are just as equally deserving and loving as any bred or purchased dog. Getting a dog should not be a cosmetic purchase, they should be your family.

Here are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt from an animal shelter as well as 10 Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog. Try to break the norm and make a difference!

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Home Should Have a Dog

  1. Great list!! I’m simple, I must have a dog ‘cuz they are the bestest friends ever!!

  2. Loved this post. Grew up with animals, will always have them, will always see them laying on beds, chairs, sofas, etc. Cannot imagine life without their love ~

    • Thank you for sharing that! At the moment I can’t imagine how I am getting on without a dog snuggling next to me on my bed! They are so special and I hope your life is full of furry love!

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