That Artsy Apartment | Arent&Pyke

This apartment by Arent&Pyke was so refreshing to look at. Not everyday you see a home where bold wallpapers and a collection of large artwork were the key design elements. Belle Mirvac Life Series Display Apartment was done in a mere two weeks but, boy did these two gals from Arent&Pyke put it together!

Those unique and artistic furniture pieces are just as fabulous as the hanging artworks. Look at that awesome color-blocked Mondrian-esque dresser! I would also love to have each and every one of those eclectic patterned pillows. And of course we cannot forget the attractive and casual orange chair that sits in the bedroom, giving the room a bit of subtle zest.

The apartment was meant for a young family, so these designers had to find a perfect balance between style and practicality. But I think they did incredibly well and looked like they had a lot of fun. It is such a wonderful blend of being striking and spirited, as well as cozy and personal.


Image Sources:
Arent&Style’s Belle Mirvac Life Series Display Apartment

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