An Up-To-Date Elegance by Sølve Sundsbø

I am absolutely loving this elegant editorial in Vogue Italia’s March 2014 edition. An Up-To-Date Elegance by Sølve Sundsbø is another instance where I would wear every single garment in this photo collection and it pains me to realize how ridiculously expensive they probably are. 

The intricacy of the the patterns and needlework on all the garments is just divine and the lace is so delicately beautiful and timeless. I just love how the fabrics drape over the models making them appear like graceful statues in a museum exhibition. Every pattern is so unique and so exquisite that you wonder how much hard work went into making these garments.

I am so happy they are making tribal and ethnic dresses fashionable as they are meant to be. The woman’s body can be a canvas for so many works of art, and clothing is one of them.

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Image Sources:
An Up-To-Date Elegance by Sølve Sundsbø

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