That Big Painting

There is nothing more daring and classy than having a large scale painting hanging on your wall. It’s just such a statement piece that really is a representation of your style and taste all in one big slab of art.  Are you bold and daring? Are you romantic and sweet? Are you whimsical and a bit eclectic? It’s a big load for one painting to carry but it is totally worth finding your match. They can instantly transform any room into being dramatic and visionary from something that was quite dull.

I have a large painting above my bed that is a little intimidating, but boy is it a showstopper. It never fails to show people who I am and where I stand in terms of style. Big paintings are definitely a conversation starter and I doubt anybody wouldn’t take a moment to comment on it!

It is obviously a starkly different approach to gallery walls but at the same time very similar. It is a great design element that never fails to give your home everlasting style and proves you got what it takes as a designer.

bigpainting_2bigpainting_5Emma_Wall_hanging bigpainting_3c4115ca82ed833a56e6a4ff47787d68dcc8d8ee72db595a131b0cadd4967e8c8bigpainting_10bigpainting_8b181f00710ee6434e8456d9178a48b27bigpainting_1bigpainting_6

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2 thoughts on “That Big Painting

    • Yes you are so right! You really have to be gutsy to pull this off! Your whole living room has to be revolved around that one painting. Good luck with your home decor endeavors!

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