Those Flowered Hats: Reyme Husaini

Perks of a Wallflower by Reyme Husaini is so very refreshing to look at. This brings hats to a whole other level. I would totally rock one of these in an outfit any day.

There just something classy and not overly childish about these hats. Brings out a certain femininity of a girl that screams, “You know what, I like flowers and floral patterns and other girly stuff and I am going to rock that shit out!’ Being overly feminine and girly doesn’t make you weak, which is what a lot of girls are feeling nowadays. They are trying to find their inner masculinity, but we should be proud that we can wear pink shirts and floral blazers and big hats covered with all types of flowers and still look damn cool. Read this article here what it means for a woman to be consciously awake which will definitely jilt you a bit: right here.

But girl power aside, let’s point out on how I would totally wear each one of these articles of clothing like nobody’s business. I love the mixtures of patterns and textures and all the different types of fabrics, from leather to lace to crochet. This photo shoot is really a beautiful blend of girly chic and sophistication all wrapped up in utter fabulousness.


Image Sources:
Perks of a Wallflower by Reyme Husaini

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