That Loft Apartment: Oskar Firek

Oh man, when I came across this beautiful loft apartment, I knew the only way I could call this place home is if I leave my artistic career and dedicate my life to finance, or I marry an extremely rich man. But neither of these are going to happen. Or I could exploit my future child to the villainy of hollywood while he/she grows up to become an drug addict, going in and out of jail, and thinks everyone is out to get them. But at least I’ll have my 401k plan.

Oskar Firek’s loft apartment design is a conceptual interior project that he took upon himself to create — so yes, it is fake. BUT, that still doesn’t mean we can’t pretend that this beautiful apartment could someday be ours. Let’s keep on dreaming, cause it really doesn’t hurt.

But we also have to understand the unmistakable talent that went into creating all this swankiness. The imagination and precision these designers have is quite incredible. I could have sworn for a bit that this could be real. But what make me question it was that I don’t think there can be that much beautiful, perfectly finished wood in just one space. But that is just the thing that makes me drool all over these photos.

So I guess that’s the reason why we love the artists who have the talent to create these places for us. So we can dream to live in a home where the light shines in all the right places and where the wood floor and accents are just so perfect that it makes you wanna cry.

0044-1000x5630014-1000x5630024-1000x563 0034-1000x563 0052-1000x563loftapartment_20061-1000x563 0081-1000x563 Image Sources: Oskar Firek Design

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