Featured Artist: Martin Satí

I just love it when digital artists go the expressive route and wind up playing with colors and organic fluid shapes. And on top of that, when they use the face as their subject (humans and animals). I could not get tired or seeing faces being portrayed without realism which is unfortunately the direction most people feel they need to go in order to be artists. Hell to the no! 

On his website he says that he describe his work as “a mix between the sober and the visceral, an attempt to express what’s inside things, energy, evil, the passion … all without losing balance or the forms.” I think this statement is so well said and really represents what he is trying to do here creatively.

I always felt that way when I was creating my art. How can you convey all that you are feeling and all your creative energy on a canvas yet still be able to create and human face? He manages to have impeccable color use as well as still forming beautiful and natural shapes and fit it all into something that is recognizable to us. This just gives me so much inspiration. 


img1361175641744 img1361175606249

img1379917955233 img1379917893603

img1370931996786 img1370931934354

img1364201368751 img1364201359222

img1359621934812 img1359621889211

img1363594967900 img1363594933658


Martin Satí on Behance
Martin Satí Official Website

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