Half Woman, Half Skull: Carsten Witte

Who ever knew women with skulls on their faces could be so hot? These photos in Carsten Witte’s Intuition set a chill right up and down my spine, but hell, I don’t mind. I love how they range from being extremely terrifying to sexual and then innocently beautiful. It is a question that bewilders me as I am looking at, what I only can call, ‘teeth-lips’. I don’t know how these models were able to make those look sexy.

What is interesting is that Carsten Witte states that his photos are “about the intuition that everything must change.” What do you think this really means? I can only get that maybe these women are showing their innate sense to change the boundaries that are set for them. Or maybe the skull represents a soldier coming out from under the guard she wears. Hell I could go on, but I guess that is the whole point.

But I would love to figure out what he really meant, or what other people think!. Either way, I bet we could all stare at the bad-assness of this photo series just by itself!

a822ec9d3f226fa567fef47c8e32dbd21a05a9c3419651cfd704274a75b70b3b 8c28ea000411344eca2e2e484d3b97ba 9a908899ce5fd9a8cc8fc7e9b30a4664 40a48b18c276fe4fdb59f17c4dd1f5e2 147e5396609462c3e6fca037256efe7b 521e977b9c2e140fc8bafd437eb413e7 6676b565b6cdbef97f361689cdcb055a 339245b4c0e3e1ce22a45522d6a29442 cef1fb26d9b16e8d036b14460ccd3055 cf85d9674a4e9c636c26dbb67c8f472b

Image and Quote Source:
Intuition by Carsten Witte

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