From Lust to Glory by Julia Javel

In honor of the Game of Thrones season four premiere tonight, I want to look upon some lusty and faith-mongering warrior women. And From Lust to Glory by Julia Javel gives us just that. This photo shoot conveys a woman leaving opulence to find God. She ends up becoming a woman of devotion rather than a woman of lust. But something tells me she hasn’t left behind her deceitful ways just yet. Just like the Lannister woman we all know and love.

I wish I could do a warrior queen photo shoot. For some reason when girls go and do photo shoots to boost their moral and confidence, they get extremely girly. I’ve seen girls use a giant teddy bears as a props in their acclaim in trying to be a supermodel. Well obviously it didn’t get them anywhere.

But I would totally do a photo shoot just like this, with that crazy neck jewelry and some dark red lipstick. I would totally channel my inner Queen Elizabeth I, and you know it. But it is the essence of this photo shoot that makes me admire the actresses in Game of Thrones and really the only reason I want to have that job. So that everyday I can look in the mirror and just totally believe that I am the queen of a distant land far from any glimpse of reality, where I rule with my irresistible yet dangerous beauty.

Ugh, why must all woman have these unimaginable dreams?


Image Sources:
From Lust to Glory by Julia Javel

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