That Nude Figure: Klaus Kampert

When I came across these images, my jaw dropped. Torsi by Klaus Kampert, is exactly how I love to see the nude figure portrayed. The human body is a block of clay in itself, that can be molded and shaped to form a statuesque sculpture. Our bodies are a piece art already, that nature has given us. So why not use it?

I love that we never see the model’s head and especially, her face. Not a glimpse of hair or silhouette is shown to let us see who the character of this person is. Because all we need to know and see, is the body. We are able to see the shapes and lines of the human figure, that we have never witnessed before. We can see the human body for its magnificence and endurance, and all of its organic beauty.

The way the figures are contorted, makes them unrecognizable to what out perception of the human body looks like. From these contour shapes, I was able to see other organic objects and visuals that surround me. I could see the shapes of fruit, elements of nature, as well as the rippling of the ocean and the outline of mountains. I could sit in front of these photos all day, and admire the artistry of the human body.

Maybe to different eyes, they can make out something else. I would love to know what other people see!

060511_691073_Kayleigh-L-2_0319-3 060511_687785_Kayleigh-L-2_0331-4 060511_635231_Kayleigh-L-2_0354-4 060511_481838_Kayleigh-L-2_0371-2 060511_185698_Kayleigh-L-2_0343-2060511_590391_Kayleigh-L-2_0411-2

Image Sources:
Klaus Kampert

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