That Gallery Wall

Currently in my room, my main wall is covered with 50+ postcards that I have collected over the past seven years. Unfortunately, as I am getting older and out of my teens/early twenties, it doesn’t look that sophisticated.  I think once I start having some extra money to spend on nice clean frames, I will take my most prized postcards and posters and make a gallery wall.

I have always admired people’s living spaces when the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with framed pictures and paintings. There is this man that lives directly below my apartment who has probably been for a very, very, long time. About two or three times I was able to peek through the door when he was leaving or coming home and his place is coated with dusty, yet beautifully framed paintings. It is quite incredible. I almost want to knock on his door and ask to go inside, but I have an inkling he might be a bitter man. Maybe I will bring some of those muffins from my previous posts (That Mighty Muffin).

I think my desire for cozy and perfectly lived in spaces is because of my upbringing. I always moved around growing up, and my family had to spend lots of money to ship all there precious belongings from one country to the other. Just when we started getting settled in after three or four years, we had to move again. It’s walls like the ones in the images below that make you feel grounded. Every time I look at my wall of postcards, I feel inspired. I see myself in these images cause they are what aesthetically make me happy. They also carry memories of my journey over the past seven years or so and that is something very special.

I am sure the people who owned these gallery walls below, didn’t just one day buy all these pictures and paintings at once and hung them up. They had collected these images over many years, and assembled them together, to represent a visual narrative of who they are.

gallerywall_2gallerywall_4 gallerywall_5 gallerywall_6 gallerywall_7 gallerywall_8 gallerywall_9

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