That Underwater Photoshoot: Part II

After being so entranced by my previous venture into underwater photography (That Underwater Photoshoot: Michael David Adams), I was further intrigued and looked up more of his photography. I also found other brave photographers who have gone on this wet route. These take on a more angelic, soft approach than the stark, black and white photo shoot I posted before. It almost seems like these women belong in the water. Or they are just gracefully and mindlessly drowning. Either way these pruned beauties are worth looking at.

But looking at these softness yet sharpness of these photos really makes me wonder what the behind the scenes was like. What camera did they use? What was their source of lighting? How many shots did they have to get until they got one that didn’t look like a fashion shoot gone tragically wrong? More news later.

Forever Young by Michael David Adams

I love how Michael David Adams’ Forever Young really has this gorgeous pallet of aqua, deep blue, fiery red and white. She does in a way look like a snotty princess who fell in the lake with this big billowy victorian dress thinking she would drown then starts to love it. The descending rays of light and the water reflections on her skin makes this series of photos quite unforgettable.

foreveryoungbymichaeldavidadams3 foreveryoungbymichaeldavidadams5 foreveryoungbymichaeldavidadams8foreveryoungbymichaeldavidadams1 foreveryoungbymichaeldavidadams7

CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya

Here we see a darker yet fantasy side of an underwater composition. Ekaterina Belinskaya’s CUBOZOA makes this model seem like an underwater creature, whose rippling silver dress is what helps her move around in her natural habitat. It is quite beautiful the white is tamed to look like this shiny silver blue. We are mostly focused on that chilling midnight blue of a background which makes her seem that she is the prowling the surface of the deep depths of great ocean.

cubozoabyekaterinabelinskaya1 cubozoabyekaterinabelinskaya2 cubozoabyekaterinabelinskaya4cubozoabyekaterinabelinskaya6 cubozoabyekaterinabelinskaya5

Image Sources:
Forever Young by Michael David Adams on
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya on

2 thoughts on “That Underwater Photoshoot: Part II

    • Ahh I am so happy I stumbled across these photos! I could also just stare at the luscious beauty and grace they have. I think your photos are great. Keep taking photos! I totally give photographers tons of credit for just going out there and finding beauty in what surrounds them.

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