That Patterned Interior

So, here I am listening to Joanna Newsom, getting lost in her angelic yet kooky voice, yet also pondering the idea of living in my ideal home where the laws of matching and color coordination just don’t exist. Also, I am very depressed about the ending of How I Met Your Mother, which totally shat on any possible hope of mine to have a future where immediate death, divorce and 40-year old men still having playbooks don’t need exist (Oops, spoiler?). Thanks for letting me invest in these characters and fall in love with them just to be told in the end, that in fact, they are all horrible people. If you are just as angry as me read this article, which totally sums up my feelings, right here.

Okay, back to patterns. And positive thoughts.

I have always really like the idea of being bold and unexpected in life. One of these beliefs was not following the rules of what society thinks you should do a.k.a. the rules of having good style. Mixing patterns, I guess, has sort of been a bit of a rebellion to me. I remember back in my adolescence, where mean and spoiled girls were unavoidable, they would tell me that my outfit was atrocious cause I was wearing blue and black together which, for a fifteen year old girl, was socially crippling. I started to get sick and tired of it all and with my love for color and design came my love for colorful patterns.

I would just love to come into the main room of my house with carpets all over the floor overlaying each other, a big puffed up couched crowded with many homemade pillows with un-matching designs. And then maybe a cool wallpaper, cause white walls are starting to get boring. And a big old worn-in armchair with a quirky flower pattern. And then some snazzy curtains. The opportunities are just endless.


Go get inspired!

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5 thoughts on “That Patterned Interior

  1. Homes and styles are so personal. If we all liked the same, the world would be dull! I love it when you walk into a home and it tells a story and you can see character of the person who lives there. Sure get inspiration from design trends, but at the end of the day, trends and fashion changes all the time. If you love colour and pattern, then go for it I say. A home should feel comfortable for ‘you’. Colours an patterns can create very happy and warm spaces.

    • I completely agree!! Whether colors and patterns make you feel comfortable or it is the beiges and clean walls that ease your mind, as long as you feel at home. I believe that your living space should be the one place on earth where you can feel happy and can be yourself. I love when I come into someone’s house and see them written all over the place!

  2. Sorry for the spammy about of likes. Just perusing your posts. I’ve been trying to convince people for years that if you clash patterns and colours enough they go. Matchy-matchy can be so sterile but a lot people prefer to play it safe.

    • I totally agree! I really like clashing patterns. It is funny when people on street stare at me like a leper just cause I wore plaid with floral… and i was wearing leopard print flats. But it is fun and it makes you feel human by “breaking the rules” I guess.

      Oh and I moved to another site: , just giving you the heads up!

      • Eff the haters. Well I bet it looked wonderful. Thank you! I’ll have to check it out – I love this blog.

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