That Embroidered Type

Stuff like this just makes me want to sit in an oversized armchair with a knitted blanket draped over my legs, with Jeopardy playing in the background and do embroidery. Did I mention there would me an enormous fat cat on my lap? Well, even if I look like an old lady with no social life whatsoever, if I am making stuff like this, who cares? I will know that deep down inside, I am super cool.

This embroidered type by MaricorMaricar Studio is so seamlessly beautiful that is makes it seem like anybody can do it. Actually, it made me think I could do it. I even went to a crafts store to check out how easy it would be to do it! Obviously it’s a little intimidating…

But I did get some some needlepoint and I am making a pillow. Woohoo!

Anyways, MaricorMaricar Studio brought back embroidery from the time capsule and introduced it as a great medium for those hipster typographers and graphic designers out there who wanna make their designs look extra classy.

embroideredtype_3.jpgembroideredtype_3b.jpgembroideredtype_2embroideredtype_2bembroideredtype_4.jpg embroideredtype_4b.jpg embroideredtype_5.jpg embroideredtype_5b.jpg embroideredtype_6.jpg embroideredtype_6b embroideredtype_7 embroideredtype_7b.jpg

Thanks for poking around!


Image Source: MaricorMaricar Studio on Behance

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