That Wooden Interior

In the near future, I imagine myself having a modest yet bountiful house that is design savvy yet still sophisticatedly cluttered and cozy where I will live comfortably and be nourished everyday by my surroundings. It is a big dream and I will have to do a lot to get there from my very small and basic New York City apartment that I try desperately to make homey.

But I have to start somewhere, and that is where these blog posts come out of. I still like the idea of being surrounded by a house that is organic and homemade instead of something very modular and man-made like modern design, that is unfortunately in style nowadays. And of course colors and patterns, lots and lots of that. But more posts on that will come soon, trust me.

If I could find a house that had lots of wooden interior or partner that is up for some heavy duty interior decorating that will guarantee splintering, that would make me one zen and happy gal.

wooden_interior_2 wooden_interior_3 wooden_interior_4 wooden_interior_6 wooden_interior_7

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