That Swanky Dresser

I have really always been someone who was not a fan of closets. Growing up in Germany, there were never any closets with doors and, heaven forbid, any walk-in closets. That was just for the insanely rich. It was also considered just an American thing, something that wasteful and unpractical people did. My parents always hacked down the closets in their houses and replace them with a nice clean wall for art and an exemplary piece of furniture. And I have also felt the exact same way.

I remember when I moved into my first apartment for college and it was a 2-bedroom apartment that was converted into a 3 bedroom. I was the last roommate to pick my room and of course I got the converted one that was supposed to be the living space. The other roommates didn’t take it cause there wasn’t a closet. BUT MINE HAD A BALCONY. I was totally okay with my room sans a closet cause it had a pretty breathtaking plus to it.

My very good friend recently bought this beautiful old trunk for a hell of a good price and I was just mega jealous. It really got me thinking of that an eye-stopping yet aged piece that fits anywhere and also has very utilitarian qualities. Cause hey, we don’t all live in glorious mansions where too much space is a problem. So it brought me too that dresser, which I have alway know to love in my childhood because of all those antique wooden dressers that were passed down for quite a few generations. But of course I like them with a bit of flare and chaos.

swanky_dresser_2 swanky_dresser_3 swanky_dresser_5 swanky_dresser_7 swanky_dresser_8

When I was looking around at funky, sophisticated and intricate dressers, I really found that black and white tribal patterns is a very popular design at the moment. Also the color teal. I mean there were hundreds of images of people painting their actually quite beautiful antique, wood dressers an pasty teal. I think a piece of furniture just looks lovely with a touch of water rings, alcohol stains, and a smudge of peeling paint. A bit of sand paper wouldn’t hurt to soften those blinding colors like that teal as well as red, yellow and pink.

It is just such an awesome piece of furniture that really brings the room together and I hope everybody bans their closets from their house.

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