That 3D Type

I have definitely been collecting images of 3D type over the last view years and boy can I say, the design and aesthetic never gets old. It doesn’t have to be created in a 3D program like Cinema 4D to be categorized as 3D type which is what makes this form of type so versatile. I am constantly seeing it being done differently all through out the web and I really hope that one day I can truly master this effortless way of type being thrown in your face.

I dedicate this blog post to the many ways to see type pop out from something unexpected which reminds me why I have so much fun doing this as a hobby and hopefully someday as a living.

the3dtype_2 the3dtype_3 the3dtype_4 the3dtype_5 the3dtype_7 the3dtype_8 the3dtype_9

Images Sources:
1. Chris LaBrooy 2. Rik Oostenbroek 3. Jaime Gonzalez 4. We and the Color 5. Pinterest 6. DesignWorkLife 7. MonsterActive Blog 8. Pinterest 9. Marko Purac 10. Designspiration 11. Good Typography  12. Design or Death 13. 14. 15. Hilka Riba

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