That Rainbow Bookshelf

I stumbled across this idea in a video posted by my favorite food blogger, Joy the Baker. She was showing all these simple ways to organize her very messy flat, but this idea really made her shelf of cookbooks go POW. I am starting to accumulate my own cookbook collection and hopefully one day I can tackle this cool design. Even if you don’t like it in the end you can just have a blast and creative exercise by just revamping the aesthetic in your living space. It is tricky though to make sure this doesn’t look too over-designed or that you just have a bunch of children’s books. This really only goes well with white or other colorful accents. People, stay away from that mahogany.

therainbowbook_2 therainbowbook_3 therainbowbook_4 therainbowbook_5

Image Sources:
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2 thoughts on “That Rainbow Bookshelf

    • Yes, I really want to do that one day! I think it is an awesome and unique way to liven up your living room with out having to buy a yellow couch.

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