That Moroccan Home

I am sure Architectural Digest’s A Stellar Renovation in Morocco has already made its rounds in the blogosphere, but I just can’t help it. I am in LOOOOOOVVVVEEE with this house. I mean this is probably the most gorgeous home I have EVER seen.

Everything from the ornamental tiles to the intricate woodwork and stone embellishments to the polished clay-like walls, are just so beautifully done. What really sold me are those exquisitely carved ceilings that vary from room to room. Just imagine never having to look up at white blankness, ever.

Apparently this Moroccan beauty was once a dump. I find this extremely hard to believe, but I guess we have to believe the facts.

It was a decrepit courtyard house that was impulsively purchased by a vacationing New Yorker, art dealer Dorothea McKenna Elkon. Luckily the place still had its old stone arches to win this gal over. 

But because of her exalted ambition, she had to find the designer who was the right match for her, Salem Grassi. And turns out he was Mr. Right, for they fell in love. Because in the end their love of Islamic tile work and Spanish Baroque antiques brought them together, which is really kind of sweet.

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Featured Artist | Heather Hansen

Performance art was always something that was hard for me to understand. I mean, I went to an art school where a girl would sit and film herself eating cake all day.

But when I came across Heather Hansen‘s work, I found a whole new love for this branch of fine arts. There is something so ingenious about how she uses the symmetry and flexibility of her own body, to create these beautifully organic-looking drawings.

Her work gives a whole new meaning to the relationship between the artist and their art. I just love that she’s covered in charcoal from head to toe, completely embracing the struggle an artist has with getting dirty.

Heather Hansen’s involvement in creating her abstract drawings gives them so much value. It shows the viewer the rare glimpse of the process and exertion the artist goes through, and also demonstrates the beauty of the human body.

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Painterly Walls

Oh gosh I am jealous. Why can’t I get my buckets of paint out and start working away on a masterpiece on my boring white walls? Cause I live in a rented apartment in New York, where my stay is only temporary. And my art would just be washed away with white paint all over again by my nagging super.

Oh, the sad tales of a New York City dweller. But anyways if you do have the ideal situation of living in a place that you can finally call home (and if you are ballsy enough), I’d find that one stray wall in my apartment (probably in the entry way) and make it into a wow-factor.

And it doesn’t even need to be a crazy jungle mural with 5 different species of birds (who could do that?). You could buy just a little bit of wallpaper that has a nice painterly design if you want to play safe, or bang out an ombré wall. Either way it will make a huge difference for your home and make you feel like a bonafide decorista!

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Animals in Moiré by Andrea Minini

Check out these gorgeous vector illustrations by Andrea MininiAnimals in Moiré is a striking collection of black and white lined drawings of animals that are so flawlessly made that it’s simplicity make its even more impressive.

I am just in love when I see symmetry done like its. It is an unlikely challenge working with just lines. The artist has to cleverly distort them to fit the curves of her subject’s face. And then, she has to make sure that the finished lines actually resemble a puma or a gorilla. It looks deceivingly easy, that’s for sure.

Other than lines being the only thing the artist can work with, she also can play around with how the lines end up meeting together in one point. This has to be strategically done, because that is the only way the artist can achieve any depth.

I can’t wait for Andrea Minini to release some prints of her unique animal illustrations. I would buy a print of that puma in a heartbeat!

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That Colored Couch | 5 Colors That Work

I am really starting to admire the people who have the balls to buy a brightly colored couch. It really is a challenge for home designers.

You can’t just throw any pillow you like on it, or hang any picture you want over it, or lay any cool carpet under it. All the elements in the room have to come together to make it work, but only one can be the center of attention.

It is tricky, but for each color there are some rules and tips one can follow and no-no’s to avoid, to make your room go from looking like a college dorm to looking like a upbeat and sophisticated home.


1. Golden Yellow

I am happy that yellow couches have now gotten super trendy. I feel like a few years a go people would have thought having a yellow couch made you a little cuckoo!

But what is really great about this couch is that, no matter what, it always can make your living room full of lightness and joy. And all you had to do was break your back moving it in! But, it was totally worth it.

With yellow couches, it is always a good idea to have a coffee table that is very simple and not bulky. It’s a perfect companion as it doesn’t overpower your couch and allows your yellow to be itself and shine!

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10 Reasons Why Your Home Should Have a Dog

As you will probably notice as you read this article, I am a little dog crazy at the moment. I want a dog bad, like reaallllly bad.

I want a dog so bad that I only go and visit my friends cause they have a dog. When I call my friends I ask how their dog is doing before asking about them (I should apologize to my friends). I watch at least five or ten dog videos everyday. I just have way to much love to give! (I know that was a bit mushy, but I don’t care).

I am just craving the love and warmth a dog brings into your life. Once the dog you grew up with passes away, you just can’t think of a home without the sound of pattering paws on the floor.

So here are the 10 reasons why I think everyone should have a dog in their home.

1. They are always down for cuddles.

There is a reason why they jump on your bed and sit there, waiting for you. They know exactly what is coming and they know exactly how to coax you into coming into bed for cuddles. I mean, how can you deny those cute ‘widdle’ faces?

For them, you are like a big heating pad. And put them on your tummy when you have bad cramps and they become yours!

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That Artsy Apartment | Arent&Pyke

This apartment by Arent&Pyke was so refreshing to look at. Not everyday you see a home where bold wallpapers and a collection of large artwork were the key design elements. Belle Mirvac Life Series Display Apartment was done in a mere two weeks but, boy did these two gals from Arent&Pyke put it together!

Those unique and artistic furniture pieces are just as fabulous as the hanging artworks. Look at that awesome color-blocked Mondrian-esque dresser! I would also love to have each and every one of those eclectic patterned pillows. And of course we cannot forget the attractive and casual orange chair that sits in the bedroom, giving the room a bit of subtle zest.

The apartment was meant for a young family, so these designers had to find a perfect balance between style and practicality. But I think they did incredibly well and looked like they had a lot of fun. It is such a wonderful blend of being striking and spirited, as well as cozy and personal.

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An Up-To-Date Elegance by Sølve Sundsbø

I am absolutely loving this elegant editorial in Vogue Italia’s March 2014 edition. An Up-To-Date Elegance by Sølve Sundsbø is another instance where I would wear every single garment in this photo collection and it pains me to realize how ridiculously expensive they probably are. 

The intricacy of the the patterns and needlework on all the garments is just divine and the lace is so delicately beautiful and timeless. I just love how the fabrics drape over the models making them appear like graceful statues in a museum exhibition. Every pattern is so unique and so exquisite that you wonder how much hard work went into making these garments.

I am so happy they are making tribal and ethnic dresses fashionable as they are meant to be. The woman’s body can be a canvas for so many works of art, and clothing is one of them.

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That Big Painting

There is nothing more daring and classy than having a large scale painting hanging on your wall. It’s just such a statement piece that really is a representation of your style and taste all in one big slab of art.  Are you bold and daring? Are you romantic and sweet? Are you whimsical and a bit eclectic? It’s a big load for one painting to carry but it is totally worth finding your match. They can instantly transform any room into being dramatic and visionary from something that was quite dull.

I have a large painting above my bed that is a little intimidating, but boy is it a showstopper. It never fails to show people who I am and where I stand in terms of style. Big paintings are definitely a conversation starter and I doubt anybody wouldn’t take a moment to comment on it!

It is obviously a starkly different approach to gallery walls but at the same time very similar. It is a great design element that never fails to give your home everlasting style and proves you got what it takes as a designer.

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